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The brand name for acyclovir, Zovirax is widely used as an antiviral drug. The drug works wonders on long-term nagging diseases like Herpes.

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Zovirax intensive uk rainocerebrozavir, 10-mercaptopurine, and fosamprenavir. Most of these medications were discontinued in patients for their potential interaction with ritonavir. The data obtained in analysis of the incidence ritonavir-associated nephropathy are in agreement with those obtained by NACI (5). Discussion Ritonavir (or its molecular equivalent) is an important antiviral agent that has had remarkable therapeutic potential for the treatment of common, opportunistic viral infections. Among this class of antiviral agents, ritonavir exhibits the most consistent therapeutic effect, reducing the occurrence of nephropathy and even reversing progressive damage in rheumatoid arthritis (6). Its effects on chronic viral infections are more controversial. The mechanisms of ritonavir's antiviral efficacy are uncertain. Several factors need to be considered: 1) the dose of ritonavir; 2) drug regimen; 3) the patient; 4) duration of treatment; and 5) the extent of viral replication. Doses of Ritonavir. The dose of ritonavir was previously determined as 200 mg daily (i.e., in the course of a 28-day regimen). The recommended dosage for treatment of HCV infection Zovirax 90 Pills 400mg $275 - $3.06 Per pill is 400 mg daily. We found in the present study that, terms of the median overall duration therapy, total time on ritonavir treatment in all 4 study groups was approximately 1 year. In these 4, ritonavir dose was increased on a monthly basis by an Acheter flector tissugel 1 average of 0.5 mg/month for the groups treated with 400 mg and 1.3 mg/month for cheap zovirax cream uk those with a lower dose. The median dose was approximately 50 mg daily in the first 2 years of ritonavir treatment. These variations in dosages with time ritonavir treatment were not statistically significant and may result from differences in baseline viral load and the extent of viral replication. Drug Regimen. The study included two groups of patients. The first group received ritonavir 200 mg/day starting 1 month before they commenced treatment with either ritonavir (500 mg daily) or placebo. The second group received ritonavir 400 mg/day starting 2 months before they commenced treatment with ritonavir (500 mg daily). The second group also underwent a clinical trial for progression to liver failure (n = 15). The median dose of ritonavir was increased over the course of study, ranging from 500 mg to 600 mg/day. The duration of ritonavir treatment was not related to dose. When we considered duration of treatment as an independent risk factor, all four groups had an equivalent duration of treatment with the first dose of ritonavir at the end study. Duration of treatment was increased over time with ritonavir. Patient Selection and Dosage. As part of our study, we recruited 622 patients to our registry who were prescribed ritonavir during the 8-year study period (n = 1073) (7). From this group, we randomly excluded 1 person for lack of response to treatment with a single dose of 400 mg ritonavir; 1 person in the study group receiving ritonavir at higher than the recommended dose of 500 mg/day on an as needed basis; and 1 person who became symptomatic during the course of study.

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